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Retinal Products

The innermost light-sensitive membrane covering the back wall of the eyeball; it is continuous with the optic nerve. Any damage to this layer results in significant loss of vision.
Aurolab manufactures quality products for retinal surgeries, they are
Aurolase –      The user friendly green laser for retinal photocoagulation
Sutures –      Wide range of quality retinal surgery sutures
Retieye –      Practice tool for Retinal photocoagulation and In-direct ophthalmoscopy
Aurosil and Aurosil 1500 and Aurosil plus      Silicone oil for retinal detachment surgeries
Aurooctane       A CE certified hydrocarbon liquid for retinal detachment surgeries
Aurocort –      Widely used preservative free anti- inflammory injection
Dyes –    OCUBLUE PLUS (Brilliant blue G solution), RETIBLUE (Trypan Blue), AUROGREEN        (Indocyanine Green) & FLURES (Fluorescein Injection) are the dyes used in diagnostic         purpose  and retinal  treatments.

E - Kit –      Endophthalmitis Kit
Auro Trocar –      Ophthalmic Valve Trocar


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