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Trypan blue 0.15% w/v

The vital tool for Macular Hole Surgery

Product Description:

It is a tissue dye used as a medical aid in ophthalmic industry, enables visualization of connective tissue structures. It is a sterile non-inflammatory solution of trypan blue dissolved in sodium chloride and buffer solution.


Product features:

  • Quick – staining, easy to perform.
  • Allows surgeons to clearly differentiate ILM, ERM and Retina.
  • Distinguishes between new and old PVR membranes.
  • Reduces risk of long – term complications.
  • Proven safety & efficacy


  • As an aid during vitreoretinal surgery in posterior eye segment.
  • To stain and/ or visualize epiretinal membrane and internal limiting membrane facilitating removal of the tissue and reducing the risk of retinal damage.
  • Distinguishes between new and old PVR membranes.
  • To identify and facilitate removal of posterior hyaloids remnants in tractional diabetic retinopathy.


No contraindications are known for the use of Retiblue when used as per the recommendation.


Available in sterile 1 ml vial (pack of 5 vials).

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