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PEGASUS, The phacoemulsification cum vitrectomy system from Aurolab is a product engineered with perfection and designed to deliver your expectations. Its high precision sensor maintains chamber stability at all times enabling you to complete the surgery with ease. The dual pump systems offer features such as switching between peristaltic and Venturi pumps during the surgery and programmable dual liner foot switch that enhances the surgical outcomes. Its modular design ensures that the system grows with your growing needs in future.


Product Features:

  • The advanced “Auto tuning” system in PEGASUS enables phaco hand piece to automatically optimize the frequency of crystals between 38-42 KHz.
  • Peristaltic pump with Venturi effect: The high performance peristaltic pump in Pegasus offers faster rise to reach the preset level over a conventional peristaltic pump.
  • “Case Mode” feature in Pegasus ensures the chamber stability even at higher vacuum settings thereby preventing the occurrence of surge.
  • A basic Pegasus system can be easily upgraded due to its modular structure. It saves cost and reduces maintenance of the system.
  • Offers cold Phaco and auto pulse mode along with linear, continuous and pulse mode.
  • It supports MICS and fragmentation procedure with a light weight phaco handle.
  • Switching from peristaltic to venturi pump and vice versa helps to perform different phases of phaco / vitrectomy quickly and efficiently.
  • High speed pneumatic cutter with 3000 cuts/min & electric cutter with 2500 cuts/min.
  • Silicon oil infusion / aspiration, Fluid Air Exchange (FAX) and additional pressure function that helps maintain the retina when needed.
  • Adjustable Xenon illumination helps in perfect visualizing of tissues.
  • Built in sensor monitors the pressure and provides precise IOP control during vitrectomy.
  • Dual Liner programmable foot switch with macro functions.
  • Multipurpose trolley with Automated Infusion pole.
  • Affordable accessories.
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