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Hummingbird Lite

The Hummingbird Lite phaco machine is the machine of choice for every cataract specialist looking for skill enhancing cutting edge precision. With Hummingbird Lite, Phacoemulsification has entered a new phase of minimum invasiveness and maximum effectiveness. The phaco technology combines exceptional quality with state of the art fluidics to give the doctor ease of use. The handpiece is made of high caliber German technology which guarantees remarkable accuracy while the machine’s ability to adapt to the requirements of the surgeon makes it truly invaluable. Additionally, the Hummingbird Lite's intuitive touch screen with its many customization options makes it truly a personal machine for its users


Highlights :

  • Dedicated hardware to monitor and control fluidics module
  • Precise vacuum sensing system for accurate feedback of IOP
  • Customizable parameters for all Phaco Modes (Continuous and Pulse)
  • Auto and Manual backflush options for safety
  • Single Screen operability
  • 10 programmable surgeon settings
  • Pneumatic anterior vitrectomy cutter with built-in compressor
Phaco Handpiece Disposable sensor with irrigation tube
Phaco tip type:
Straight tip:- (0, 15, 30, 45 degree)
Kelman tip:- (30 & 45 degree)
Tip size:- 2.2mm, 2.6mm, 2.8mm

I/A Handpiece
Phaco sleeve Anterior pneumatic vitrectomy cutter
Phaco test Chamber Diathermy pen and forceps
Aspiration Tube

Technical Specifications:


Hand-piece with operating frequency range: 38 to 42 KHz   |   Max stroke length: 120µm

Max power delivery: 50W   |   Modes: Continuous and Pulse: both Linear and panel mode.

EPT measurement : In terms of percentage and seconds


Pump : Peristaltic

Max flow rate: 0 to 60 ml/min

Vacuum range: 0 to 600 mmHg


Gravity fed fluid delivery – manual/auto


Vitrectomy cutter : pneumatically powered guillotine   |   Cutter operated by an internal air compressor

Cutting rate : 1200 cuts / min


Type : Bipolar Generator   |   Operating frequency: 2.2 MHz   |   Max Power: 15W


10.4" LCD touch screen with intuitive GUI


Foot switch: Programmable mono linear pedal with 4 bumper switches


Light weight ergonomically designed trolley for better mobility


Console: 51cm X 40cm X 26cm   |   Foot pedal: 29cm X 29cm X 14cm


Phaco console - 12. 920 kg   |   Foot Pedal - 3.920 kg

Automated Infusion Pole - 6.980 kg   |   Trolley - 21.880 kg

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