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High quality Viscoelastic solution sodium Hyaluronate 1.4% w/v

Product Description:

Aurogel (sodium hyaluronate 1.4%) ophthalmic viscosurgical device is a cohesive viscoelastic formulation. It is characterized by high molecular weight, high pseudoplasticity, and high surface tension. It provides excellent space maintenance, facilitates IOL implantation, and is easily removed.


Product features:

  • Good maintenance of the anterior chamber and the capsular bag.
  • Controlled capsulorrhexis.
  • Easy implantation.
  • Better adhesiveness on the corneal endothelium during phacoemulcification.
  • Favourable environment to ophthalmic surgery.
  • Excellent protection against mechanical damages.

Product features:

  • Molecular weight :3.0 - 3.5 million Daltons.
  • Viscosity @ 25C :20,000 - 50,000 cPs.
  • Osmolality : 250-350 mOsmol/Kg
  • pH :6.8 to 7.6


  • Cataract extraction.
  • Intraocular lens (IOL) implantation.
  • Corneal transplantation surgery.
  • Glaucoma filtering surgery.
  • Surgical procedures to reattach the retina.
  • Vitrectomy.


No contraindications known when used as per instruction.


Available in Sterile 1 ml pre-filled glass syringes.


For better performance store between 25C
Refrigerated Aurogel should be kept at room temperature for 15 minutes before use.

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